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‘Guided By Nature’

Schellevis® produces concrete paving and elements to connect architecture with nature.

Always supporting and respecting the outdoor space they are placed in.

The entire range has the same unique Schellevis® appearance.

Used in combinations, the products help transform every outdoor space into a harmonious, timeless living environment.

Whether it’s a concrete block paver or a large format slab, a swimming pool coping or a seating element, a stackable element or a step, all the products are available in the same, characteristic traditional Dutch Schellevis® structure and colour and in any size or thickness you like. Combining the best of natural raw materials and colouring agents with a special production process and Dutch craftsmanship gives the slabs their unique and timeless character.

Combine them together to create balance and tranquillity in the outdoor space.



These products offer a wide array of possibilities for designing the outdoor space. In every type and every style: from modern to classic and from farmhouse to city home. Schellevis® products provide balance and always support the design.


Years pass and times change but designers and landscapers continue to choose Schellevis® time and again. We are proud that they have been using our products for many years.

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