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Laying Technique

We have worked with landscapers, adhesive manufacturers and stone specialists to ensure that we supply the correct information to our customers when we advise on laying paving.

This technique is only a guide; we strongly recommend that you seek a professional to undertake the work.

Should you need further assistance please contact us.

Driveway Porcelain Laying Technique

    A minimum of 150mm of well compacted sub base laid to a fall of 1 in 6 to 10.
    Lay a full wet mortar bed made up of 2 parts sharp sand, 2 parts 6mm grit and 1 part UltraTileFix Bedding Mortar Additive at a 40mm depth.
    The tile should then be “back buttered” or combed with tile adhesive with a 6mm notched trowel ensuring that the whole of the back is coated, excluding the perimeter of 1 cm to aid handling. Press down level onto the bedding mortar.
  4. TILES
    Place and tap the tile down while both the primer and bedding mortar are still wet. This will create a chemical bond between the components.
    Use UltraTileFix Tile Grout, TuffJoint Brush In Grout or a Flowable Grout with a minimum gap of 5mm. Tiles spacers can be used but must be removed before grouting. These are available in variety of colours. 
    After grouting, make sure that all the cement residue has been cleaned off the tiles with an Emulsifying pad, wash boy and wet vac. Any tough cement stains can be cleaned using Cement Residue Remover.
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