Core Tree Ring

In addition, the face and the ground spike are formed from a single piece of steel. The spike has a unique fold along its center to provide maximum strength. Reinforcing the spike, making it ideal for use in tougher ground conditions.

Finally, if soft ground is encountered, a rebar extension simply clips through the ground spike to provide additional stability. Hence the entire range is quick and easy to install with no specialist tools required.

A range of pre-rolled polyester powder coated steel garden rings and edgings designed to create the perfect edge restraint. Especially useful for a variety of plants, trees, shrubs and bushes.
Benefits of CORE Garden Rings
The raw steel has a 20-micron galvanised zinc coating to increase the edgings lifespan.
The product is then finished with a 110-micron polyester powder coating, designed for external use.
The coating is applied electrostatically and is then cured under extreme heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin”. This skin creates a hard wearing flexible coloured finish.
These products will not rust or flake, they will not shatter if caught with a strimmer or mower. Furthermore, they have no sharp edges and have 3 round head bolts to secure each section. They are pre-rolled and easily connect to form a perfect circle. Simply tap into the ground to form the perfect edge restraint that will quite frankly last for decades.

Black, Brown, Corten
1200mm Ring, 900mm Ring, 600mm Ring
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