Kashmir Grey Sandstone

from £26.95 per m2

Our Kashmir Range is a great affordable paving solution allowing you to have a stylish garden within budget without compromising on the quality of the product. As one of our most popular products the Kashmir Range is both highly durable and easy to lay.

Available in 560 gauge or 600 gauge:
560G sizes: 285×285, 285×570, 427×570, 570×570, 855×570
600G sizes: 300×300, 300×600, 450×600, 600×600, 900×600
Please see our technical page for laying patterns.

Full packs can be purchased online. Please call our office if you would like individual slabs.

Pictures courtesy of Thouvenin Landscapes,  Shovel & Spade and APH Landscapes

Surface Texture
Edge Finish
Thickness Variation
18-23 mm
Cutting Fluctuation
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