Premium Brown Sandstone

from £45.95 per m2

With its Khaki, Brown and Green tones, Forest sandstone will lend itself to almost any garden project.  Due to it similarity to certain types of new English Yorkstone this product has proved extremely popular especially when laid in a more traditional random mix using all five sizes. This stone has been calibrated to a 22mm uniform thickness to make laying quicker and easier.

Available in 4 size pack or 5 size pack. Please see our technical page for laying patterns.

Full packs can be purchased online. Please call our office if you would like individual slabs.

Prices include VAT.

4 Size Mix Pack Sizes 17.05m2
14no. 285×570, 14no. 427×570, 14no. 570×570, 14no. 855×570
5 Size Mix Pack Sizes 17.53m2
24no. 285×285, 6no. 285×570, 12no. 427×570, 18no. 570×570, 12no. 855×570
Surface Texture
Edge Finish
Hand Dressed
Thickness Variation
Calibrated to 22 mm
Cutting Fluctuation
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