Schellevis Paving Slabs – Carbon

Schellevis® slabs are recognisable at a glance, by their distinctive open structure. The typical traditional Dutch appearance is visible both on the side and the top. Combining the best of natural raw materials and colouring agents with a special production process and Dutch craftsmanship gives the slabs their unique and timeless character.


All products are made from natural raw materials and are 100% recyclable.


The range of Schellevis® slabs available in a wide variety of colours, sizes and models. Products of 7 centimetres thick or more can also be used on a driveway.


Slabs can be incorporated into designs flat, floating or standing, since both the top and side are provided with the characteristic Schellevis® structure.

200x200x50, 200x200x70, 400x400x50, 400x400x70, 500x500x50, 500x500x70, 600x400x70, 600x400x50, 600x600x70, 600x600x50
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