Universeal No More Blackspot

Universeal No More Black Spot is a professional grade outdoor cleaner which eliminates all traces of stubborn grey/white lichen and typical patio black spot from all masonry and natural stone surfaces. We believe it’s the best black spot lichen remover on the market, as do our customers. Read all the reviews to see how effective No More Black Spot is!

Paving and Patio Black Spot Remover with supreme cleaning power

Not only does No More Black Spot blitz stubborn old black spot lichen that power washers can’t shift, it is also a complete cleaning solution that eliminates ingrained dirt and grime and restores your paving and patios  to their former glory.

Special Features

  • Our black spot patio cleaner removes stubborn aged black and grey lichen algae spots from all masonry and natural stone surfaces
  • Also removes red and green algae, reviving the surface to its original appearance
  • Easy application, supplied as a ready to use liquid
  • Ideally suited for the removal of persistent patio black spot
Sizes Available
5 litres


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