Universeal Patio Sealer Wet Look


This is our advanced water-based wet look patio sealer, leaving a fantastic WET LOOK FINISH. Our wet look paving sealer is a high performance sealer for natural stone paving. Quick drying, durable,  colour enhancing wet look finish for all types of natural porous outdoor flagstones.

Patio Sealer WET LOOK FINISH is a water-based polymerised protective coating that creates a highly durable wet look finish on all types of outdoor natural stone. This patio paver sealer is very easy to apply, it is self levelling and penetrates the substrate to protect against oil and water-based stains.

Please note that Patio Stone Sealer WET LOOK FINISH is not suitable for restoring chemically damaged stone surfaces or faded limestone (consider Enhance & Restore if you want to bring back the colour to faded limestone).

Results may vary when applying WET LOOK FINISH, depending on the colour, texture and condition of your natural stone. As a rule, it does not provide radical transformational effects when applied to lighter stones, and in particular it cannot enhance common light and grey sandstones such as Kandla Grey. The sealer will always deliver more noticeable results on darker or colour infused stones, so if you are unsure, we would recommend you try a tester bottle first to see how the finish works on your patio area.

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