Universeal Sandstone Sealer

Universeal Sandstone Sealer is the ideal outdoor sealer for sandstone patio & paths. Quick drying, 100% breathable patio sealer allowing for vapour transmission with a durable satin finish.

Universeal Sandstone Sealer is a high quality water-based polymerised protective nano coating that creates a strong durable finish on all kinds of outdoor natural sandstone, including patios and pathways. Universeal Sandstone Sealer is very easy to apply, is self levelling resulting in a durable clear coating to protect against oil and water-based stains.

Universeal Sandstone Sealer offers excellent stain protection. It is a colour enhancing sealant suitable for all types of popular UK sandstone, including rainbow sandstone, Indian sandstone, beige sandstone, raj sandstone and more.

Special Features

  • Suitable for all popular natural stone types including Sandstone & Limestone
  • Quick drying easy application
  • 100% breathable allowing for vapour transmission
  • Durable, stain-resistant protection with a satin sheen finish
  • Enhances natural colours
  • Low odour water based formula
  • Long lasting protection
Sizes Available
5 litres


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