Recommended Natural Paving Laying Technique

We have worked with landscapers, adhesive manufacturers and stone specialists to ensure that we supply the correct information to our customers when we advise on laying paving. We recommend that firstly you compact 100-150mm of clean crushed aggregate, ideally recycled, to provide a solid base on which you can build upon. We then suggest a full wet mortar bed made up of 5 parts sharp sand, 1 part cement and 250ml of SBR. Before laying the slab, the back needs to be coated with a thin layer of Larsen's Priming Slurry, ensuring that the whole reverse is covered. The Priming Slurry and SBR work together to create a barrier to prevent moisture from making its way to the surface causing a patchy appearance. The pointing compound we recommend you use is Larsen's GPM with a 5-15mm joint. The compound is available in a variety of colours to give you a range of options when picking your patio. This technique is only a guide; we strongly recommend that you seek a professional to undertake the work